Our Drivers

Over the years we have employed hundreds of drivers and we continue to recruit not only the best drivers we can but also the best people. We pride ourselves on the level of service we deliver and that goes far beyond just driving skills. However driving skills are vital too, of course. We have developed industry leading induction and training programs and produce drivers who, along with their own personality and great attitudes provide the best transfer services to our much loved passengers. We have outlined the training that our driver receive below.

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Driver Qualifications and Experience

All our drivers hold professional driving licences issued by EU member states, Advanced Driving Certificates or have more than the minimum legally required professional driving experience. This is checked during recruitment and once interviews have been completed successful applicants are invited to attend our pre season training and induction.

Pre Season Training

Our qualified and experienced drivers join us at the start of the winter season and complete a rigorous and comprehensive training program which includes the following topics;

● Risk, responsibility and safety
● Winter driving skills
● Vehicle checks and maintenance
● Customer service
● Company procedures and service levels
● Airport procedures
● Client handling
● Communication and issue escalation
● Routing and property orientation

We have always been extremely impressed with the levels of professionalism and helpfulness shown by our wonderful driving team. Each season we receive countless compliments about our team from our clients.

Over the years we have employed hundreds of great people that have delivered hundreds of thousands of skiers and snowboarders to their winter accommodation. We are acutely aware that our driving team are our primary service providers and are an incredibly important part of what we do. Hence our large investments into training and support.

Should you wish to join us for a winter season and enjoy life in the Alps then please have a look at our recruitment pages for full job descriptions and get in touch.