Covid-19 Policy, Winter 2021/2022

As we all know the Covid-19 situation has disrupted everyone’s lives in every walk of life for a long time now. For the winter season we would like to reassure our customers that not only is booking with us safe under our ongoing Covid booking protection policy but our operations are adapted to all current guidelines and we exceed them where we can. Rest assured we will always operate with safety and security as our top priority and will adapt and change as necessary as we progress through the winter. Our intention is to help those who wish to travel to be able to do so with full confidence and peace of mind that all is being done at our end.

Our COVID BOOKING PROTECTION will give you a ‘peace of mind’ reassurance when booking with us in case any of the following should occur:

  • If your government introduces, reintroduces or sustains the ‘quarantine on return’ rule for the region of Rhône-Alpes, France, or introduces a travel ban covering the Rhône-Alpes, we will provide you with the option to move your trip to a later date up to 18 months, or cancel and receive a 100% refund.

  • Should the French national or local, Rhones Alpes, authorities introduce a ‘quarantine on arrival’ rule from your country or inbound travel ban for Covid-19 reasons we will provide you with the option to move your trip to a later date up to 18 months, or cancel and receive a 100% refund.

  • The majority of our passengers choose flights in and out of Geneva for their holiday in France for proximity reasons. If either the Swiss government or your home government introduce quarantine measures that apply to 'transiting' through Geneva airport to or from France, then we will provide the option to move your trip to a later date, up to 18 months, or receive a 100% refund.

  • If you or any of your party is diagnosed with COVID-19, or instructed by a government body to self isolate within 14 days of your travel date, we will provide you with the option to amend your booking to a later date up to 18 months.


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Private transfers

Private transfers will be running as normal. We are currently permitted 8 passengers In our Renault Trafics and 13 passengers In our Renault Masters.

Shared and shuttle transfers

Current regulations in France limit capacity in shared vehicles to 5 or 7 in a Renault Traffic and 7 or 9 in a Renault Master. The numbers flex depending on individual group size and whether the groups are staying at the same property in resort. This reduction in capacity is impacting our ability to provide our usual full shared service as it is not economically viable at low volume. However, we are continuing to offer shared services for this winter. Our timetabled shuttle service will work as normal and will cap passengers to the max permitted number in whichever vehicle is in operation on any given day. Waiting times on our guaranteed shared services may be extended in order to assure that we can match groups of the right sizes to adhere to capacity regulations. Currently this means that waiting time could be up to 90 minutes rather than our usual 45 minutes from arrival at our airport desk. The same applies on departure so pick up times may be early than expected in order to match groups correctly.

It goes without saying that we will endeavour to reduce every passenger’s waiting time to the absolute minimum as we always do.



Continuing hygiene rules for all transfers (private and shared)

  • No passengers are allowed to sit next to the driver on shared services.
  • The drivers will be separated from passengers by plexiglass screens.
  • All passengers (11 years or older) will wear masks. Please make sure you bring one with you.
  • All passengers must clean their hands with alcohol gel (provided by us) on entry to the vehicle.
  • Passengers must not eat in the vehicles and must remove all their rubbish.
  • It is understood that by entering one of our vehicles, passengers are confirming that they do not have symptoms of Covid-19.

Enhanced vehicle cleaning

We will continue with our full daily virucidal vehicle cleans as per pre-lockdown procedures. In addition, there will be extra actions taken in between transfers.

Vehicle Exterior

  • Cleaning of handles used for entering the vehicle.

Vehicle Interior

  • Airing of vehicles
  • Full cleaning of the passenger compartment with antibacterial and antiviral products with extra attention paid to high contact areas such as handles, buttons, glass and seat belts etc.

We hope this helps you to travel with confidence this winter and politely request you help us adhere to these sanitary measures in our vehicles. They have been put in force by the French transport authorities to enable us to operate safely and keep you and our drivers healthy and happy.

We will update this page as things change and we live in hope of normal arrangements returning as soon and as safely as possible.

Here’s to the new normal returning to the old normal as quickly as possible.

Thank you

The Skiidy Gonzales team