Chalets companies taking the eco route

Our long term partners, AliKats Mountain Holidays, have just launched a new eco package for guests staying at their catered chalets and we think it is really exciting!

Guests who book the eco package benefit from 10% off the price of an AliKats catered chalet holiday, free transfers to and from Morzine and unique discounts on activities that rely less on ski lifts.

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To qualify for the package, guests must:

  • Travel by train. Travelling by train instead of plane cuts a travellers carbon footprint by approx 90% (according to The Man in Seat 61)
  • Eat vegetarian. The UN says that globally livestock emits as much greenhouse gas as all the cars, trucks, planes & ships put together.
  • Skip the mid-week towel change. Although toilets and showers account for the majority of a hotel's water usage, laundry comes second according to National Geographic so by skipping the mid-week towel change, it can really help make a difference

All of this is on top of their pre-existing environmental policies, such as composting food waste, reducing plastics through a series of initiatives such as making their own yoghurt, and using electric vehicles for all their food deliveries. Click here to read more about the AliKats environmental policy